Monday, April 7, 2014

The Loss of Football Closure and Other Misfortunes In an Alternative World

Right now is the season for high school football.  Your old alma matter is playing against your biggest rivals.  This game will decide whether or not your team goes to state championships.  But you have one problem: as soon as you are about to see whether the star quarterback indeed helps make the final touchdown, your screen becomes blurry like a television from the 1940s, and you can’t tell if the pass was successful and do not hear the commentators announce the winner.  Why?  Because television had never improved due to the fact that the mass of electrons are not shown to increase in televisions,as first proposed by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, thus enabling televisionsets to have clear resolution.  When you watch the news to see if anyone losses their life during the Christmas season while your son and his wife and children are driving in from out of state, what would you do when the television constantly blurs. 
                You and your newlywed are enjoying a hike throughout the Colorado Rockys or you and your long-time best buddy/sorority sister/roommate in college from have now had a huge spat over her new boyfriend, and your friendship is now coming to an end.  When you and your wife have now been married for twenty years and your marriage seems to be in a rut, wouldn’t you be glad to have pictures of you and your wife when you were first married to remind you of the connection you used to have, and possibly help rekindle your love, or when your friendship with your sister and/or roommate is going downhill to have something to let you know how important you used to be to each other.  Well that’s not going to happen because digital cameras have not been invented as Einstein was not the man we think of him as today.  Autism has never existed, or been cured long before his time.  According to Autism Myth Busters article FamousAutistic People, “Einstein had difficulty with social interactions, had tactile sensitivity, was very intelligent yet found his language difficult at times, and had difficulty learning in school.”  It goes on to say, “Einstein had a relationship with a woman whom he eventually married and had three children with.  The marriage seemed to have quite a bit of difficulty, but  the woman gave birth to three children with him.  However, although Einstein showed love and concern for his children, the  he could not stand for the children to touch him.  This, sounds very characteristic of an autistic.”  The article section of the article ends saying, “It is important to realize that Einstein was very different and it was his difference that made him develop ideas that made him famous.  Therefore, his differences made him the celebrated individual he is today.  This should give us a second look at those who we consider different, and make us realize that being different is not a bad thing.  It is instead, something to be celebrated and accepted.”
If you do not wish for future generations to face such inconveniences we may have without inventions like plasma screen TVs and digital cameras, I suggest you consider strongly the idea of a “cure” for autism, or investing in organizations that spend most of their money on this.

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