Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Something to Think About When You Appreciate Living Without Cold War Hysteria

By this time, of course, everyone is scared.  The threat of Soviet nuclear annihilation seems probable and by this time, you have not realized in fact that the Soviets are incompetent and could never truly take every country in the world and make it communist as thought by President Eisenhower’s Domino Theory.  Of course, you wish for a way to make a moral victory against the Soviets, especially now that they have in fact made so many new developments in science and technology that have drawn so much of the world to Communism, and today could really be Capitalism’s big break in post-World War II society.  You hope to send your children to college, want to be a new car, and will hopefully buy a new house someday. But soon there could be a big decisive moral victory for Communism that could devastate American economic interests in the Third World and elsewhere, and you got nothing new that the Soviets don’t have.
                Actually you do!  Because of the discovery of the Theory of Gravity made four centuries ago by Sir Isaac Newton, we now in fact know that there is gravity on the earth while there is none in space that we know of.  With that it is possible to in fact for America, on behalf of itself and the Western bloc to travel into space.  Now that they have beaten the Soviets to the moon, those commies all of the sudden don’t look so tough.  So who do we owe this to?  Well for one thing, you can look to Sir Isaac Newton, but what’s so different about him that would have made him contribute a later world-saving landmark?  Is he your average human being who cares about approval, conformity, and common opinion in the days of the rat-filled streets of Europe where the plague is declared to be an act of God despite all the trash that liters the streets and remains of human feces everywhere?  Or is there another possible answer?  According to Autism Myth Busters, Isaac Newton, “was very quiet and not very good at ‘small talk’, or typical day to day conversations.  He was extraordinarily focused on his work and had a hard time breaking away.  He was often so focused that he forgot to eat during these times of intense focus.  This is a trait very commonly found in autistics and this extreme focus often blocks out other things that would likely capture an individual's attention.” 
                That simple enough for you?  When you think the world is a scary place because of autism, and your children could have it, or have it already as it’s happening everywhere, ask what would drive a human being to hide in a steel shelter without leave while your friends live in one several blocks away, as you your relatives and family, or rolls of toilet paper crowd your living room?  Is that the world you want to live in today?

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