Friday, June 29, 2012

The Dharma of Relationships, Part Two

They say there are a number of people who can satisfy us romantically not just one.  In Buddhism there is the notion of karma which teaches our actions shape what we become.  Though there are infinite doors in life, each leading to a different reality, because we choose something or someone, it has a way of becoming special.  Buddhism is also great in relationships as it teaches non-attachment.  We often think that having to be devastated if we lost the love of our live is true love.  But really I see it as a way of making ourselves a slave to the people we love.  Our partners are always alive in us, is what Buddhism teaches, and the people they matter to and those people who matter to them and vice versa.  Also the more we can admit there are many people out there, the more we can love and therefore love our partners, just as the more we love ourselves, we can love others.
            When you listen to your body, such as when you kiss or touch a loved one, you are in touch with the fact that you are alive because our bodies allow us to be so which means we have a supreme chance to achieve awakening.  It also helps us realize we are mortal, which is good to know because we are more motivated to do it, knowing we only have a limited time to do so in this life we identify with.  Lovers change and can leave us unpredictably.  That is a good way for us to learn the nature of impermanence.  Through love, we can learn to become awakened.