Saturday, June 18, 2016

Autistic Pride Day 2016

Today is the 12th annual Autistic Pride Day, celebrated June 18th by Autistics around the world. I created this rainbow infinity symbol out of 140 receipts, hanging above a window in my bedroom, that I pick up at work all the time, in honor of the logo of the creators of APD, the UK-based group Aspies for Freedom (Aspie-slang term for person with Asperger syndrome). This is the first Autistic Pride Day that I have celebrated at home alone, rather than in Leadville, Colorado like the last two years, and working from 1-9:30, but that does not make this day any less special to me, which is why I made this piece. I would also like to wish a happy Autistic Pride Day (what is left of it) to my fellow autistics and their families and service providers in Warrensburg, Missouri, the town of my alma matter-understanding how difficult it is with lack of services and ignorance in rural areas for Autistics, particularly women. Know you are never alone and your fellow Autistics are out there ready to embrace you. And also a happy Autistic Pride Day to Johnson County Community College's thriving autistic community, who, being a part of I feel really shaped me into who I am today. Walk with pride.