Monday, April 14, 2014

People to Appreciate After Normal College Drinking

You possibly have a love of college parties like I do, not to mention alcohol, especially if it’s free.  If not, someone in your family or high school probably does.  No shame in that.  But too many of them get behind the wheel after they’ve had a significant amount to drink, and that’s where I tend to draw the line with wild drinking.  For those who do not however, they may indeed find themselves in a wreck with badly damaged kidneys.  Well unfortunately there’s no way to do a kidney transplant because the famous kidney transplant pioneer John Hartwell Harrison had not gone to the University of Virginia.  This is in fact because no U.S. president founded UVA, just as he did not set in motion the Louis and Clark Expedition or the Louisiana Purchase so you or someone you know is left with a damaged kidney that cannot be repaired.  But wait!  You’re not because thanks to the talent and existence of many fine autistic individuals, Thomas Jefferson did in fact found UVA, giving Harrison a place to start his career.  But it wasn’t through your eye-gazing, hand resting brain that you get this talent.  In Famous Autistic People,Autism Myth Busters’ writes, “Norm Ledgin, author of Diagnosing Jefferson, indicates that Jefferson was shy, had an inability to relate to others, had difficulties in public speaking and was sensitive to loud noises. Also, similarly to Einstein, Jefferson had a difficulty with his finances. Although he kept an accurate record of all of his transactions, he died in debt. He also had an obsession for remodeling his home and was very eccentric.  Jefferson had some “abnormal” tendencies including wearing slippers to important meetings and always having a mocking bird that sat on his shoulder to keep.  This mock bird may have been an effort to keep him calm during social interactions. Unfortunately, due to a fire, there are no records of Jefferson’s childhood. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether he may have had delayed speech or display any earlier signs of autism.” 
Clearly, drinking and driving is a dumbass move.  For every person who is able to get the right treatment though for any associated injuries, their life is a gift for them and several friends and family they know.  When you think about whether your money to autism charities goes to behavioral and educational supports, rather than making an autistic individual neurotypical, ask yourself if you would rather you or anyone you know be diagnosed with incurable kidney damage, or difficulty using eye contact or spending all your time with others.

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