Monday, July 11, 2016

My New Year's Resolution: The Second Three Months

This post is a little late, but having watched how much I have kept my New Year's Resolution for the first three months of this year, I also have taken note of how I have kept it in the next three weeks (April through June).  So far I noticed I have: 

-worked at least ten full-time work weeks
-finished two more books and got farther along on seven
-finished reading seventeen* more graphic novels and started on another one
-came up with two new "Autistic Fairy Tales" and five new novel ideas
-worked on all my fairy tales and at least eight different novel ideas
-wrote another poem and started on another one
-started working on the last few posts of The Autistic Mule (formerly Ben's Blog) for the first time this year
-drew nine more pictures
-finished four more watercolor drawings**
-made seven more receipt coasters, as well as a vase and my Autistic Pride rainbow infinity from receipts
-made at least 100 produce bags and 100 grocery bags into plarn
-saw my friend Jack twice, my friend Tyler three times, and my friend Erin once
-passed my Spring 2016 Disability Studies class with an A***
-gone all of April without wearing blue in defiance of the April "Light It Up Blue" campaign by groups like Autism Speaks, who depict autism like a car wreck and do not provide autism services.

Thus far, I would say I have stuck to my resolution pretty well.

*originally sixteen
**added fifteen minutes after publishing this post
***added nine days after original publication


  1. So, working, reading, fairy-taling, blogging, coasting and bagging made your days.

    [I could do more with my produce + grocery bags].

  2. It is amazing what can be done with them. These activities really do pass time.

  3. see look at this and this is what I mean it has worth something to lift up people like this if we teach this to the people of the united states and the world there would be more energy of the eco system helping others no matter who we are and who we are we are human beings

    1. Thank you, Tyler. That is a lot of my purpose in doing this kind of thing.