Friday, April 1, 2016

My New Year's Resolution So Far: First Three Months

This is not about Autism Acceptance Month, but it does have to do with the first three months of this year that have gone by.  A few months ago, I made my New Year's Resolution for this year.  So far, this is how I have kept to it in the first three months:

-made it through ten weeks of my Disability Studies program
-finished four discussion papers
-did one presentation for the class
-finished reading thirty-three graphic novels and got farther along in two others
-finished reading five of my books, as well as two Platte and Munk Co. books on different cultures from the Leadville antique store
-read over several dozen pages of six other books of mine
-came up with one new novel idea and three new "Autistic fairy tale" ideas
-started writing four of my novels, two other book ideas I had, my three aforementioned fairy tales, started or finished eleven other poems of mine, and two snippets of ideas that didn't fit into any pieces of writing I am working on yet
-got together at least twice with a friend of mine

-broke off with a friend who subjected me to all herown drama
-finished eight watercolor drawings
-finished thirteen drawings and worked on five more
-made thirty-seven more receipt coasters
-turned one hundred eighty discarded produce bags into plastic bag yarn (Plarn) to make a blanket for a homeless individual, as well as twenty for a ball of yarn for a friend of mine's cat, and at least sixty grocery bags into plarn
-sold one of my receipt coaster sets
-made another one of my bottle cap signs
-finished another bottle cap picture
-made another bottle cap tambourine
-made an entire sign out of drinking straws
-made three more painted stones from rocks I found out in Colorado
-made a paper streamer made from old Starbuck's bags
-made four more pieces of toilet paper roll wall art
-finished building a shelf for my Lonely Planet books
-also worked on my writing pieces/stories for all but four days of the last two months, fed Peter and scooped his litter box almost every day, spent several nights talking on the phone tomy best friend Tyler, taken several pictures with my i-phone, and learned to be more positive about finding relationships, people throughout world, and other areas of my life.

So far, I think I have kept to it very well.


  1. Hey Ben:

    This is the first thing I'm writing for 2016 to you.

    Your crafting projects seemed to go really well - from the shelf to the drinking straw sign - to the blanket for the homeless.

    Platt and Munk culture books are fantastic. I've not read too many of them. I seem to read more TimeLife and World Book/Field Enterprises material.

    It's amazing the things you can make with bottle caps.

    Would love to read your fairy tales and myths.

    1. Thank you, Adelaide. Hopefully I will be able to get these stories altogether, and figure out some of the points I am stuck on, and then put them out there, and all of you here will be able to see them soon enough.

  2. and among others I would say the most fantastic thing is that he is not alone ben's chinese zodiac is a snake and I am a fire tiger sure we see things differently but I calm his mind like two peas in a pond He is always quiet but yet he does have friends but not alot so he needs some more but not to pressure him we don't want him to slip away that easy

    1. Once more, it is always great how you look after my best interest, Tyler. There are some friends of mine you may not know of, some of whom I have not seen in a while, and sometimes it is hard to meet up with people with school and work, but I have talked to some friends about meeting up with them some more, and I think that will help things fall into place the way you have a way of helping me do, Tyler.