Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Autistic's Prayer

This is a prayer I recite every morning after my meditation for the furthering of advancing equality and access for autistic people in our society.  This prayer is for the advancement of cross-disability activism, inclusive education, inclusive societies, neurodiversity, the halting of the excesses of groups like Autism Speaks, and for the safety of all current and future autistic people in the hands of their caregivers and others.

May we never allow the short sight of people’s potential to override the long future we are all bound to share together.
May we never allow our thoughts on the quality of one’s future stop their future from coming to fruition.
May we not let groups paying large money to medical, management, or corporate expenses move us to not pay it forward.
May we not allow the medicine we have been given me used to call others diseased.
May we utilize our hearts with wisdom and striving,
recognizing all people under oppression and ableism as potential allies.
May we take note of the discrepancies on our schools and let the government know that we know.
May we allow all brains the full opportunity to make their greatest contribution to society, notwithstanding our current medical knowledge in any given age,
peacefully when we can, while protecting ourselves and our loved ones from harm and danger.
I say this prayer to plant its wisdom firmly within me so that it may spread around me and throughout our earth,
Every day of every month of every year until equality is realized.

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  1. Dear Ben!

    Here in Sweden (Gothenburg University) the research on bloggers with autism is conducted.

    I will be very glad to ask you to participate in the online survey. If you feel like contributing in this field and interested in taking part in a reserch please contact me via my email gusboyek {at} student dot gu dot se
    The field of the study is new so we can have a chance to reveal this topic to community with your help!

    Thank you,

    best regards,


    PS I personally love what you are writing here on Buddhism and it seems especially interesting to read from the perspective of autism! I really hope you would like to participate in the research.