Monday, March 21, 2016

World Down Syndrome Day Year 10

Today is World Down Syndrome Day, a day that reminds me ever more of how grateful I am for my good friend, Tyler Nelson Weekly. I remember him being my roommate in our second year at UCM's THRIVE program, going with him to see all the Hobbit movies, watching his school dance performances, talking to him on the phone, having him spend nights at my home where we watched The Power Rangers, watching the Disney Channel of my own accord for a while after a year of living with him, coming with him to the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City's yearly Down syndrome dance, having him by me during my graduation from the University of Central Missouri, taking him for rides the first night I got my new car, going to Royal's game with him and our friend Jack, coming with him to Starlight Performances-where he is an usher captain-and the time he came with me to Minsky's on my twenty-sixth birthday and took a diagonally slanted picture of my mom and me. He constantly supports every dream I have and is just so eye-opening to the lives people with Down syndrome lead. He always wants to help me. I constantly love how he is funny, kind, intuitive, loyal, and so many other things that I am lucky that he is. I remember every time when I have looked for the right woman, and got to know one out there, Tyler would say, "Did you tell her about me?" and I said, "No, Tyler, but don't worry. I would be remiss if the girl I dated did not know about you." I once told my granddad, "Any woman who does not accept Tyler exactly as he is, is no girlfriend of mine."
"On this day, let us reaffirm that persons with Down syndrome are entitled to the full and effective enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms. Let us each do our part to enable children and persons with Down syndrome to participate fully in the development and life of their societies on an equal basis with others. Let us build an inclusive society for all."
-United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon


  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen the one and the only Tyler Neslson Weekly is in the building to those who believes in me and that believes in ben is a friend of mine many years that I knew Ben defintely a thrill of mine of a lifetime please if you want contact me and want a relationship with me and ben as friends please contact me at Twitter and Google plus and yet if you want a personal relationship please contact both of us alright money is no object to us alright just show what is inside of you in your heart

    1. Very true, Tyler. I have had the pleasure of being a friend of your's for all this time.

  2. Hey Tyler and Ben.

    It is indeed a great pleasure to be Tyler's friend, on and off the ether.

    And all the awesome things you have done together - hooray!

    "Money is no object. Just show what is inside of you in your heart".

    I have been around quite a lot on the 21/3. Writing on other people's blogs more than usual for this time of the year.

    1. I am glad to hear that Adelaide. And I agree that Tyler is a wonderful friend. It is good to know people like you and himm areon here so often.