Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day 2015

I want to wish everyone out there a Happy Father's Day. I am grateful to have had my dad support, respect and give helpful advice for my various ways of life and ambitions, such as my bottle cap and ethnic musical instrument collecting, my Buddhist practice, my arts, writing, former filmmaking desire, art, repurposing, blogging, Disability Studies, and mostly my advoacy for the autistic people. I would also like to make note of various autistic fathers and fathers of autistic children in general. Many have worked and strived hard to find the right schools, as with my parents. Their are several who have done so through divorce, unemployment, disease, and such, as I have seen on Facebook and elsewhere. They have also practiced and promoted autism acceptance, rights, inclusion, and led various groups such as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, the Autism Network International, the Autism National Committee, the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, and the Autism Society of America, while also challenging the abuses and excesses of various movements such as Autism Speaks, Applied Behavior Analysis, the Judge Rotenberg Center, and various Autism "Awareness" movements.  Happy Father's Day.

 Autism Acceptance isn't just a series of acts. It's a lifestyle.


  1. and Don't forget for the people who have special needs and Autism is one of the forms of a dissability.