Friday, August 1, 2014

Letter to Histories Autistics

Dear Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Ludwig van Beethoven, Thomas Jefferson, Emily Dickenson, and John Lennon,

                You are some of histories greatest thinkers, artists, and innovators.  Da Vinci and Michelangelo, you helped bring about the Renaissance Age which gave way to science and reason.  Ludwig van Beethoven, you helped bring about the Classical Age of art and culture.  Mr. Jefferson, you helped found and create our great nation with its values of liberty, justice, and equality.  Emily Dickenson, you helped create the Romantic Era, an era of looking inward and the inner journey of each individual.  John Lennon, you helped spark the Counterculture Age of the freedom to question traditional values.  You all helped create the world as it is today with its treatment of people.  Yet today the world has woefully excluded one group of people from this great social vision, people that you are a part of.  Today autistic people basically have no access to society.  They lack the services in education and health care needed to help them live to their full potential.  They need to learn good communication so they can keep up with others and themselves in the workforce.  Adults with IQs of 150 work day and night as garbage men.  Older people with PhDs are chosen for jobs over youth with no college experience.  Yet politicians steal, cheat, and lie.  We spend so much money on wars in the Middle East and donating to thieving African politicians, so we don't have any money we need towards the right services.  The nation’s top ranking Special Education program at the University of Kansas is staffed full of professors who teach that autistics are unemployable with autistic students in the class.  We are like fish, so immersed in water to know we are wet.  Groups, acclaimed as charities make hate speeches against autistic individuals, saying having a child with autism is a living hell or that it would be better to have no children than to have an autistic children, and these organizations are sponsored by businesses, schools, hospitals, celebrities, fraternities and sororities, and politicians.  Autistics are too afraid to speak up because they know only too well abuse in our system.  You were all autistic people and you all used your vision and wisdom to help capture the hearts and minds of people, and now it is lost.  Today we need you to use those very things to help capture people’s attention for us so we can keep up with our neuro-typical peers in the world.  Please help us so that American bureaucracy does not squash the fruits of the labor and potential of autistic men, women, and children in the United States.  In the name of all that we hold dear, please HELP US!

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