Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Six Lessons Mitt Romney Could Learn From Hank Hill

After failing to get the presidency for a second time (though nothing compared to Nadar, truthfully), maybe Mitt Romney should think about do some more inner pursuits, than outer ones.  There are, for starters, six good lessons, the Six Paramitas, the Buddha could teach him that could change his life.

Wisdom: Prajna Paramita.  May I gain wisdom and give the benefit of my wisdom to others.

Meditation: Dhyani Paramita.  May I practice meditation and attain the oneness to serve all beings.

Diligence: Virya Paramita. May I be strenuous, energetic, and persevering.

Patience: Kshanti Paramita. May I be patient and forebear the wrongs of others.

Morality: Shila Paramita. May I be pure and virtuous.

Generosity: Dana Paramita. May I be generous and helpful.

                Of course, I think, these words sound a little bit Sunday schoolish and even a bit Mitt Romneyish, so why don’t we consider someone, who happens to be one of my favorite people, Mike Judge’s loveable cartoon character from his beloved show, Hank Hill.  If we put these virtues into Hank’s down-to-earth, street smart, Texan way of speaking, I think they would sound a little more meaningful to people’s daily lives, like this.

Wisdom: Quit bein’ a jackass!

Meditation: Ya can’t pick and choose, Bobby.

Diligence: The great ones practice the basics.

Patience: Wait your turn, Bobby.

Morality: You do it because it’s the right thing to do!

Generosity: We all got to do our part, Bobby.

                You can see that there’s a lot of great wisdom Mitt Romney could learn from Hank Hill.

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