Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Altar

Left to right: a statue of the Buddhist saint, the Green Tara; a picture of the Dalai Lama; a Celtic poem called Song of Amergin; a miniature bronze stupa, a gong; and a bowl.

The Green Tara is a Buddhist saint similar to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic faith.  She was said to be the Nepalese wife of the Tibetan king around the third century C.E. and introduced Buddhism to him and his people along with the king's Chinese wife known as the White Tara, another Buddhist saint.

I am the wind on the sea.
I am the wave of the sea.
I am the bull of seven battles.
I am the eagle on the rock.
I am the flash from the sun.
I am the most beautiful of plants.
I am the strong wild boar.
I am the salmon in the water.
I am the lake in the plain.
I am the word of knowledge.
I am the head of the spear in battle.
I am the God who puts fire in the head.
Who spreads light in the gathering on the hills,
Who can tell the ages of the moon,
Who can tell the place where the sun rests.

Song of Amergin from World Prayer Index

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